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Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett's series of Discworld humourous fantasy novels contain numerous examples of vampire characters. The characteristics of vampires develop as the series progresses, from the confidence-lacking Arthur Winkings in Reaper Man, to the powerful Count Magpyr in Carpe Jugulum and the new member of the Watch, Lance-Constable von Humpeding in Thud! The vampire community also develops in its ability to operate in open society, particularly in the cosmopolitan city of Ankh-Morpork. The Überwald League of Temperance (Black Ribboners) is an organisation to help vampires give up the red, sticky stuff.

Terry's vampires show all of the stereotypical characteristics of vampires to some extent, from sensitivity to sunlight and garlic, through the ability to reconstitute from dust plus a drop of blood, to a tendency of female vampires to wear basques.

Reaper Man

Arthur Winkings is a member of the "Fresh Start Club", an undead-rights group lead by Reg Shoe. He inherited his vampirism, along with a castle, but is unsure of what it entails.

Witches Abroad

An unnamed vampire in bat form falls foul of Greebo, Nanny Ogg's murderous cat ("He's really just a softy").

Men at Arms

Mr Morcombe, is mentioned as lawyer to the Ramkin family.

Feat of Clay

The Dragon King of Arms is head of Ankh Morpork's Royal College of Heralds.

Carpe Jugulum

The Magpyr family attempts to take over Lancre, and gets Weatherwaxed.

The Fifth Elephant

The plot revolves around the three-way rivalry between werewolves, vampires and dwarfs in Überwald, but the only vampire named is Lady Margolotta, who apparently became interested in politics after meeting Lord Vetinari.

The Truth

Otto Chriek is a keen photographer, and is trying to work around the inconveniences that flashlight cause for a vampire. He also makes an appearance in Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal.

Monstrous Regiment

Maladict(a) joins the army and explains the reason for carrying a sword he doesn't know how to use. Likes coffee.


Salacia "Sally" von Humpeding becomes the first vampire City Watch constable. She comments on the inability of female vampires to recorporate with their clothes, a restriction imposed by the narrative convention that female vampires must be sexy, and demonstrates the vampire weakness of disguising her name by spelling it backwards.

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