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Vampires (Hong Kong)

Arguably the most powerful of the undead, vampires often appear attractive and charming. They need to drink blood, preferably human, from the throat of a living victim. In some cases, the victim may become a vampire, though of lesser power and possibly under the control of the other.

Vampires can be harmed by sunlight, are repelled by garlic and holy symbols present by a true believer, and cannot themselves cross running water (though they can be carried across, by others). They need to rest in contact with the soil of their grave. They are immensely strong, can transform themselves into gas or bats, and can control "creatures of the night", including bats and wolves.

Chinese vampires (僵屍 or 殭屍; simplified Chinese: 僵尸) are different, though strong they are often controlled by a person. They are usually dressed in an ornately embroidered silk gown and can only move by hopping, feat together, arms outstretched in front. However, they may also be highly skilled at Kung Fu. A Taoist priest may immobilise a Chinese vampire by sticking a yellow piece of paper inscribed with a suitable prayer in red ink onto its forehead.

Of course, vampires are entirely mythical monsters, and do not exist. At least, that is what they want you to think.


A Chinese vampire (僵屍), out and about in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong KongA Chinese vampire (僵屍), out and about in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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